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Linda's Creative Accents
Linda's Creative AccentsAugust 19, 2018 10:13pm

Well, I’m sure some of you are wondering what has been going on this past week. I have been busy personally and some of my helpers had a death in the family, therefore unable to work.

After much soul searching, I...

Linda, you know how I feel about you and your store. It has been my favorite place to shop for years. I always drive from Madisonville with a friend and have lunch in Etowah while in town. Without your store, we will have no reason to drive there. I hope we will still see each otber occasionally. I have friends in western KY, so will let them know about your new endeavor when details are available. You taught me so much, and I loved my few days substituting in the store! Not goodbye, but see you later!
Where you going to open in tn
Linda.... This makes me sad. However you know what is best for you. Boy did I love your store. You are awesome and were so kind and nice to everyone. You brought class downtown and taught all of us how to run a business with creativity and genuine concern for your customers. Your employees exhibited your creative qualities and that was a plus too. I wish you the best in your new endeavors but please know you will be missed and our town has lost a unique store and a valuable asset that won't be matched. Linda thank you for sharing your talents with us.
I am so sad, but I wish you well on your new adventure! Do you by chance have Aubusson blue chalk paint in stock?
Are you moving back? I personally would love that!!
So where in Tennessee will you be located
I just finished several projects with Annie Sloan chalk paint that I purchased from your store! You were so kind to offer advice as well. I Drive from Dayton! I have loved your little store! It’s been a dream of mine to have a little store kind of like yours! I Will be praying your new adventures work out for you! Hope to visit on Wednesday!
I hate to hear this, but I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. I will drive to wherever you relocate!! Let me know when I can get my chairs.....
I am happy for you, and happy we have become friends. Etowah will be short of a wonderful, passionate, driven business owner. But your smile and happiness is more important. You’ll be an asset no matter where you are. I know we will stay in touch. Blessings on your journey!!
Where in Kentucky?
Oh no.. I will be so sad but understand you want to be near your parents. I love each piece I bought from you.
As difficult as change can be, change means growth. Odviously, this is a new season for you, a new chapter, a new beginning. Just in reading your post I feel that God has a plan for you. May He continue to bless you , as you continue to be a blessing to others. I look forward to see what that plan is and hearing about the new beginning in your life. Take that step of faith, and trust in the Lord.He loves you and has nothing but the best for you. . Blessings!
Ahhh I’m sad but glad for u too! Hope to see u soon and catch up! Oh how i remember when u were opening and meeting u.... love ur taste and ur store!! Love all the pieces I’ve got from u!!!
You are a Talented artist/ Wonderful shop-wishing you all the best! Sorry to see you go Great loss for Etowah !!
Linda I know you well enough to know you have greater things in your future. All your customers will be watching to see what the future holds within your business. Best of luck in your new adventure❤️
I hate to hear your closing. However, you know what is best and that's a decision you have to make. I wish you the best in your future plans.
Oh I am so sorry to hear this Linda!! I wish you well !! Will miss you !
What a loss for Etowah and the surrounding area. Best of luck
Gee I hope I will still get to see you! You've become a good friend and I'm so proud of the success you have had in Etowah. I know, no matter where you decide to light your feet in Tennessee you will be successful and you will continue with a unique business that will grow. You've been an asset to Etowah. I just hate to see another store closing downtown. We will miss you doing the Art Walk. Love you and hope to see you Wednesday.
It’s so hard for Etowah to keep businesses.
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Heather Handley Klauber
Teresa Schilling Leonard
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Linda's Creative Accents
Linda's Creative AccentsAugust 17, 2018 8:38pm

🌸🌸 Very excited to share these pics! Hoosier cabinets are here and there but this one has been cleaned up and fixed and has some great original features. It’s a must have for a fun farmhouse kitchen! And the slab table on an old sewing...

i need this for my barn could you please message me how much
Wondering about the price as well
What is the price on the hoossier
How much
Linda's Creative Accents
Linda's Creative AccentsAugust 15, 2018 10:08am

Now!! What do you think of that!!!

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